Trustees’ Week 2022 (7-11 November)

Each year, Trustees’ Week celebrates the contributions and achievements of nearly 1 million trustees across the UK.

The chairperson of Linlithgow Community Development Trust, Carole Racionzer, spoke to us about her decision to become a trustee and what that entails.

How did you initially get involved in the Linlithgow Community Development Trust?

I became involved when LCDT and Transition Linlithgow merged.  Several TL board members joined with LCDT’s board.

What projects or causes are closest to your heart at LCDT?

I am passionate about environmental issues as well as the benefits of volunteering, both for the volunteers themselves and the wider community.  Particularly in these challenging times, working in partnership with other organisations in the town to share resources and ideas is really great. We are lucky to have so many engaged folk here!

How did you go about becoming a Trustee?

When I first became involved in Transition Linlithgow, I volunteered to organise a clothes swapping event and then joined the board shortly afterwards.

Do you enjoy being a Trustee?

I love being a trustee.  With the news full of negativity, being a trustee means I’m always meeting people and organisations who are trying to make a difference in their communities.  It keeps me positive and excited for the future. 

What do you enjoy or get the most out of by being a Trustee?

I’m learning all the time, which is really important to me.  Most of all, it’s really lovely coming to events/activities of the charity and seeing how volunteers, staff and others benefit and enjoy themselves. 

What would be your advice for anyone thinking about become a Trustee?

Everyone has different reasons to volunteer, but everyone, no matter your background or skills, has something to offer a board.  The key is finding an organisation that reflects your own values and/or the issues that are really important to you.  When that is right, everything else falls into place.

Linlithgow Community Development Trust are currently open to applications to become a Trustee. Please email us at [email protected] to find out more.