What and where can I recycle in Linlithgow?

recycling points in linlithgow

With a number of recycling points in Linlithgow, you may find it helpful to refer to the table below whenever you’re looking for answers to a recycling question! If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, please email us at [email protected] and we’ll do our best to help you out. Similarly, if your group or organisation provides recycling services in Linlithgow and you aren’t listed, please let us know.

With thanks to our volunteer Aileen who compiled the following information

Recycling Points

Linlithgow Community Development TrustEH49 Hub (Old Library), 7 The Vennel, EH49 7EXPringles tubes, Dental care (empty toothpaste tubes, plastic toothbrushes, plastic electric toothpaste heads, dental floss containers, inter-dental brushes, Pens and pencils, Medicine blister packs, Contact lenses and their blister packs and Makeup containers. 

Linlithgow Civic Amenities Site

Braehead Road, EH49 6HF

Help for Good Causes:   Bikes – for repair or donation to 1st Step Bikes (https://en-gb.facebook.com/1stStepcafeandbikes/)Textiles and Shoes, Books and Music CDs, Garden Tools (Old and broken for refurbishment and donation to charity). General Disposal/Recycling: Electrical equipment including Large Domestic Appliances e.g., washing machines, cookers, tumble driers and Small Domestic Appliances e.g., hoovers, hairdryers, games consoles, kettles and toasters. Televisions, monitors and laptops, Fridges and freezers, Garden waste, Wood and Laminate, Scrap Metal, Gas Cylinders, Engine Oil, Cardboard, Glass, Light Bulbs and Batteries.  


4 Regent Centre, EH49 7HU

Drop Off Point for West Lothian School Bank: The following are for ages 5 to 18 years – New/good quality used school uniforms, Gym kit, Jackets, Hats/gloves, School bags, Stationery, Brand new socks, tights, pants and footwear. Water bottles, Insulated lunch bags, Plastic Food Boxes, Zippers/Hoodies, Leggings/Joggers.
General Disposal/Recycling: Any plastic bag, Crisp packets, Food and pet pouches, Plastic wrappers and any plastic film.  


68 High Street, EH49 7AQ

Will recycle Costa takeaway cups returned to them.


53 Falkirk Road, EH49 7PH



Gallowsknowe, Falkirk Road, EH49 7PE

In receptacle outside the door nearest the ATM: Dry food flexible plastic packaging: Bread, cereal, rice & dry food bags, Confectionery, biscuit & cake wrappers, Crisp & snack packets.
Other food flexible plastic: Cheese wrap, Peelable film lids & frozen food bags, Fruit/vegetable/salad bags & flower wrapping, Multipack film, wrap, Clingfilm & sleeves on bottles.
Pouches & sachets: Coffee, confectionery, homecare, sauce/baby food/pet food/microwavable food pouches, toiletries refill pouches, packets & sachets.
Non-food flexible plastic: Carrier bags, clothing bags, bubble wrap, magazine & newspaper wrappers, toilet roll & kitchen roll wrapping.
Drink Container Automatic Recycling Machine (in the store foyer): Plastic or glass bottles or cans. This is a scheme to reduce litter (as these can be recycled either in your blue bin or at various glass recycling points throughout the town). 5p or a 10 Nectar points coupon will be provided for each empty drink container recycled. Note that these will not be accepted by the automatic machine if they are crushed.  
BRITA Cartridges Box (in the store foyer)  
Recycling Point in Car Park Behind Store: Clothes and shoes, Used cooking oil, Cardboard and mixed paper, Aluminium and steel cans, Plastic – plastic bottles, food trays, food tubs, food pots, Books, DVDs and music, Glass.

Pets At Home

Stockbridge Retail Park, Falkirk Road EH49 7AS

Empty and clean food pouches.


Unit D1, Regent Centre, Blackness Road EH49 7HU

Spectacles Contact lenses and blister packaging

Cancer Research UK

107 High Street EH49 7EQ

Bras – sent to third world countries. They have discovered that if a woman is wearing a bra, then she is less likely to be raped.