The webcams were installed by Pride & Passion Linlithgow. They were funded by Linlithgow and Linlithgow Bridge Town Management Group.

The Linlithgow Town Centre BID pays the costs for the webcam at Linlithgow Cross. The costs for the webcam at Linlithgow Canal Centre are paid by Linlithgow Union Canal Society. Just click play on either webcam to watch. You will see what’s happening live right now.

There is a known issue when trying to view the “full screen” and using Chrome. The Webcam providers are working on a fix and in the meantime, if you want to view the webcams in full screen please use an alternate browser, such as Firefox.

Linlithgow Cross webcam (Funded by Linlithgow Town Centre BID):

Linlithgow Canal Centre Webcam (Funded by Linlithgow Union Canal Society

Update Sept 2020 – This webcam is unfortunately offline just now, but rather than leave you with a static image we wanted to share with you a short video about Linlithgow Union Canal Society (LUCS), the impact of Covid 19, and The Big Splash Campaign.