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Linlithgow Thistle was founded in 1985 by local lads and was known as Linlithgow Vale, competing in the Stirling & District Sunday Leagues.  In their first year, Vale won the league, only losing one game.  After a further three seasons, Vale were promoted to the Premier Division.  At this time, the team was renamed Linlithgow Thistle. The current committee, formed in May 2010, has provided a fresh vision for the club.  In May 2015, the Club formed Linlithgow Thistle U19s, that is in membership of the SYFA and the very competitive West Lothian Association of Youth Football Clubs.

Where and when do you meet?

The club trains at their own complex, Listloaning, Linlithgow Bridge. During the darker, colder nights, the club trains at Linlithgow Rugby Club (indoor 4G).

Why would I be interested in getting involved?

Behind every club is a hard-working committee who are constantly doing things behind the scenes that help to ensure the clubs future. If you are interested in getting involved please e-mail us.

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