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In the late 1960’s a group of Rugby enthusiasts got together to discuss the possibility of forming a Rugby Club in the quickly expanding town of Linlithgow. From this group emerged Linlithgow RFC as we now know it. However, the original Linlithgow Rugby Football Club was formed on Wednesday 3rd May 1922  “at a well-attended meeting of local enthusiasts in the Burgh Court Room”. We are a community club open to all and now have teams covering all ages from 5 years to adult. Girls can participate in both Micro and Mini rugby, i.e. up to P7 age grade. We have 2 senior teams, 5 secondary school age teams, 3 mini and 3 micro rugby squads. The Club is managed by a Board of Directors appointed each year by Club members at the AGM.

When and where do you meet?

Training is at our Mains Park facilities on Tuesday and Thursday nights for the Club and School senior squads and on Wednesday night for the Minis, S1s, S2s and S3s. Additional training sessions are being introduced this season (2015-16) on Monday and Friday afternoons for Minis and S1 to S3s. New starts are welcome at all times during the season – just turn up at training at the Rugby Club (suggest you get there between 6:30 pm and 6:45 pm.

Girls Rugby for S1 upwards takes place on a Wednesday 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm and Sunday 11:00 am – 12 noon.

Why would I be interested in getting involved?

There is a grand total of 15 different positions on a rugby team and each has a specific job to do. As one can imagine, this opens the door for a wide range of talents and skills. Unlike just about any other team sport, rugby is about all players having the same opportunity to run with the ball, pass the ball, and play defence. It's very difficult to dominate even a 7-a-side game with one really good player. You need everyone to participate, and because of that, everyone gets to participate.

For membership options please review our website

We want our club to be at the heart of the community and for our clubhouse to be a place of welcome for all. As an amateur club, largely run by volunteers, this represents an on-going challenge so welcome new volunteers anytime!


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