Leader, Youth Working Group

Role Title
Leader, Youth Working Group
Where (Location)
Linlithgow (mainly working from home, although some work in schools)
Time Commitment
Possibly four hours per week
Role Description
Leader of Burgh Beautiful’s Youth Working Group which aims to involve and encourage children and young people in Burgh Beautiful activities
Main tasks
Liaise and involve schools, children’s voluntary organisations and groups like LYPP; Encourage children’s gardening projects at home, schools and elsewhere; Involve children in the activities of the Environmental Responsibility Working Group, particularly with regard to litter issues
Required skills, qualities, and experience
Preferably past involvement in tasks similar to the above
Training and support available
Support will be provided by members of the Burgh Beautiful committee and its volunteers generally
Any other requirements
Teaching experience may be useful
Recruitment process (who to contact if someone is interested in applying)
Does this role require a Disclosure Scotland Certification? If yes, which kind of disclosure is required
Preferably, but this can be investigated should it be necessary