Linlithgow Heritage Trust needs your Financial Skills

Role title: Treasurer, Reports to: The board

BACKGROUND: In 2017 Linlithgow Heritage Trust received grant funding from HLF, LEADER, West Lothian Council and other bodies to support its move from Annet House to the new Linlithgow Partnership Centre. This year will see the new Linlithgow Museum open. It promises to be an exciting time for the Museum as it becomes a central part of the local community. As we continue to move forward we are looking for trustees with a range of skills that will help the Museum develop and achieve it strategic goals.


Linlithgow Museum will be fitted out with a bespoke community space and three exhibition areas providing a fresh new interpretation of the town’s history.

Community participation will be at the heart of the museum. Local people and volunteers have already played an instrumental role in planning and beginning to deliver an ambitious Activity Plan of events and activities which will engage the local community with heritage.

Linlithgow Heritage Trust are seeking unpaid volunteer Trustees to join their board.

Trustees are expected to play a full part in the activities of Linlithgow Heritage Trust.

The role of the Board is to set the strategic framework for the organisation, monitor and evaluate the performance of the organisation, including financial performance; and ensure the highest standard of governance.

The Board meets at least six times per year. Trustees are also requested to participate in various sub committees, working groups, the Annual General meeting and ongoing training events as required.

Purpose of the role:

  • To ensure the financial affairs of the organisation are conducted within legal requirements, accounting conventions and good practice
  • ensure the financial viability and development of the organisation.

Main duties

  • ensure the board fulfils its financial responsibilities
  • ensure proper systems for budgeting, financial control, insurance, and reporting
  • keep board members informed about organisation’ finances by written report, at least on a quarterly basis
  • communicate with relevant staff and other board members so as to maintain a clear picture of the financial health of the organisation
  • ensure compliance with Inland Revenue and Customs and Excise (VAT) requirements as appropriate
  • ensure financial reports are comprehensible and properly discussed
  • ensure financial reports are provided in the proper format and at the proper time, as required by other bodies in law
  • ensure the appointment of auditors or independent examiners
  • provide a financial report to members on an annual basis.

Ensure financial viability and development of the organisation

  • Ensure the board develops a long-term financial strategy for the organisation with objectives which can be monitored
  • monitor progress in budget implementation
  • ensure appropriate financial goals are set for the resources available to the organisation.

Key qualities

  • a knowledge of financial accounting and reporting procedures
  • ability to communicate financial information to those who may have little or no financial background
  • hands-on book-keeping skills
  • strategic financial planning skills

For further discussions and to find out more about registering interest please contact Shelia Menzies on