Recycling Volunteers – Terracycle

We are looking for a couple of volunteers to assist with our previously popular Terracycle scheme. This scheme will see us collect several ‘hard to recycle’ items such as Pringles tubes and other items.  It will involve boxing up donations periodically and assisting with delivery of those items to Terracycle drop off points in the nearby surrounding area.  We will utilise our e-van to drop off where we can.

We have drafted a list of what we can recycle in Linlithgow across the Supermarkets and recycling centre. We’d like some help adding to this list so we can let our community know the range of options in the town.

We’ve also held periodic donation days for traditionally hard to recycle items like laptops and mobile phones and Swishing events to swap clothes.  If you’ve got an idea, come and talk to us.  We are open to suggestions for events.

Occasionally we have surplus items donated and rather than see anything going to landfill, we’d love a bit of help to sell items on gumtree or take items where they can be recycled.

For more information email Carole at [email protected]

Drop by our EH49 Hub at the Old Libarary at 6-7 The Vennel, Linlithgow, EH49 7EX