Linlithgow Refugee Action

Welcome, and thank you for becoming involved.

Following an overwhelmingly positive response to helping Ukrainian Refugees, Linlithgow Refugee Action has been created. Updates will be ongoing but for now please find further information on ways to help Ukranian Refugees below.

Linlithgow Refugee Action: Ukraine | Facebook

Help for Ukraine – West Lothian Council

Homes for Ukraine – Homes for Ukraine – Local Sponsorship Scheme for Ukraine (

For hosts – Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme: privacy notices – (

UNHCR – Refugee Resettlement: An International Handbook to Guide Reception and Integration – Chapter 2.1. Matching People with Communities

The Scottish Government have published new guidance for hosts using the Scottish Government Super Sponsor Scheme, however, I understand that this guidance may also be of use to those who have individually matched with a sponsor as part of the UK Governments Homes for Ukraine Scheme. 
You can find the guidance using the following link; 

If you would like to be involved in offering support and/or you are sponsoring a refugee/s, please let us know so that we can support you, if needed, by emailing [email protected]