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Transition Linlithgow is a local charity (Scottish Charity SCO48006). It is supporting the movement to a more sustainable life. Transition Linlithgow helps people in Linlithgow become more aware of energy conservation and different ways to help lower our input to climate change. This includes them providing information about renewable technology, energy storage, promotion of local food, sustainable transport, minimising waste. Finally, they raise awareness of the challenges and the opportunities communities can receive from taking positive action.

Where and when do you meet? 

Transition Linlithgow has an industrial unit where some of our projects operate in. It is UNIT 5 Braehead Road, Linlithgow EH49 6EP. Please see our website or what's on for specific event details and dates.

 How can I get involved? 

We seek to minimise carbon emissions, improve health & well being, build friendships & connections and to harness the best of what we can source locally. Our membership is free and open to all who support our aims. Transition Linlithgow has lots of activities you can get involved with. For example, their Tool Library, Community Orchards, encouraging people to cycle to school and lots more besides. Please see our website for our projects and for volunteering opportunities.

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