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About the Linlithgow Curry Club

The Linlithgow Curry Club was started by Jai in 2017 to give locals a chance to come together for a curry and a blether. We meet roughly monthly at a local restaurant chosen by our members, usually the Ashmaan Tandoori in Linlithgow Bridge.
The club is the perfect place for those who want to socialise over a curry, meet new people, and enjoy some banter.

How it works

Just like the page to get updates, and watch out for events. Or, drop Scott a message with your mobile number to get added to our WhatsApp group chat.
Our regular members vote on when and where to meet each month, and then we advertise the event on Facebook. If you fancy popping along, just let us know (for numbers). At the end of the night everyone gets their own bill, so there’s no awkwardness, everyone pays for what they eat... simple! And at the Ashman its BYOB, so that's sorted!
See you soon!
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