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Lochside Playgroup has been providing quality childcare in Linlithgow since 1973. We provide a caring and stimulating environment where preschool children can feel safe, secure and happy. With a structured morning of free play, storytime, snack time and singing sessions. Lochside is sure to prepare your child for nursery.

Here are some of the benefits of attending our Playgroup:

Develop confidence
By spending time away from family and having fun through play, children can begin to explore the world outside their familiar surroundings and develop their confidence and independence. Each session has a maximum of twelve children, two paid staff members and two parent volunteers to ensure there is time available to ease the adjustment to the group and attend to your child’s needs.

Learn new skills
Everyday is different at Lochside Playgroup!  Activities, crafts, toys and books are rotated to ensure there is plenty of variety and stimulation for children’s interests. There are also plenty of opportunities to practise life skills such as washing their hands, eating and drinking independently and listening to instructions from other grown ups.

Prepare for Nursery
For many children, playgroup may be their first experience of coming together in a group situation without their parents or carers. Lochside Playgroup is an excellent way to bridge the gap before children start nursery at 3 years old and ease the transition into the nursery setting.

Make new friends
Your child will begin to recognise their new friends and may even meet future nursery and school friends here too. We also welcome parents and caregivers to feel involved in the care and education of their child by joining the parent rota.

Develop social skills
Lochside Playgroup allows children to learn and practice important social skills that will aid their play and help transition into nursery. Skills such as taking turns, listening to instruction from staff and playing with other children are practised every day.

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