The Linlithgow Facebook Group


This group is for current/former residents of Linlithgow to share information and events relevant to people who live in the area. Visitors to Linlitghow can find info here:

We cover the Linlithgow school catchment area (Linlithgow, Linlithgow Bridge, Blackness, Philipstoun, Bridgend, Torphicen, Threemiletown, Ecclesmachen, and Winchburgh) plus Bo’ness.

Grangemouth, Polmont, Livingston, Broxburn, South Queensferry etc are not covered.

We have over 10,600 members, young & old, residents, exiles & others with an interest in Linlithgow, sharing information for matters specific to the town & nearby area.

Full Rules are available here:

Group purpose:
✅ What's On: links to events, festivals & goings-on in the town.
✅ Community Announcements: meetings, planning proposals, & matters of specific relevance to the town.
✅ Local News: relevant news items, particularly those which might not make the media.
✅ Community Groups: info on groups such as Burgh Beautiful, LCDT, or sports clubs in the town.
✅ Jobs: upcoming vacancies within travel distance of Linlithgow (group multiple vacancies into 1 post). No wanted posts.
✅ Obituaries: details of funeral arrangements of locals who have passed away.
Also currently allowed:
✅ Lost & Found: posts looking for lost or found pets or property (limit 1 post per week for lost pets – no pictures of lost bank cards etc, just post the name.
✅ Local Business Adverts: promo posts from small local businesses based in the town.
✅ Recommendations: local businesses/trades, but please search the group first, as they have usually been asked for before. Check out the Files section for lists of local plumbers, builders, joiners etc.
✅ House Sale/Rent: houses/flats in the town catchment area for sale or rent, once per property. No wanted posts.
✅ Witness Requests: requests for information about an alleged crime - ask for details via PM. Do not post any identifying information about a subject. Comments must be turned off.
☝️ Promotions & notices must be kept to 1 per month per group / event / business.

Not allowed?:
? Posts/comments that are abusive/defamatory/ slanderous, or nuisance posts.
? Posts/comments on police or legal matters.
? Asking for legal advice, & advice on parking “fines”.
? Complaints about local businesses or organisations (take them up directly).
? Name & shame posts, parking complaints, dog poo complaints, "To the person who..." complaint posts.
? Buying, selling or giving items away for free (exceptions: offering items to local community groups & giveaways open to everyone, e.g. people who offer their surplus apples to the community).
? Job wanted posts.
? House wanted posts.
? Ads for events/businesses outside of the town.
? MLMs (Multi Level Marketing) & pyramid selling schemes.
? Political posts, point scoring or party promotion.
? Repeating the same post within a month, or ‘bumping’ a previous post by commenting on it.

Full Rules are available here:

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