Linlithgow Classic Cars

Linlithgow Classic Car Group

We’re a group of classic car owners and enthusiasts based in Linlithgow. We meet up regularly to show the cars in the centre of Linlithgow. We also visit other classic car events, shows, car museums and competitions around the country

When and where do you meet?

The date of our regular monthly meeting between April and September/October is on the 4th Saturday morning of the month at Linlithgow Cross in the town centre between 09:30 am/10:00 am and lunchtime.

Why would I be interested in getting involved?

We started up in 2007 with three or four members and now we’re up to about 40…….the more the merrier! Anyone in the town or the wider area with an old, classic or interesting car or vehicle is very welcome to come and join us. We meet up just for a laugh, a bit of chat, food + drink, and a bit of old car driving.


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