Linlithgow Bridge Parent Council

Linlithgow Bridge Primary School

The aim of the Linlithgow Bridge Primary School Parent Council (the “Parent Council”) is the advancement of education through the following:

  1. Promoting co-operation and communication between Linlithgow Bridge Primary School and Nursery (“the School”), parents, carers, pupils and the local community
  2. Providing opportunities for the study and discussion of, and giving assistance in, matters of relating to the education and welfare the children at the School
  3. Undertaking activities which support and advance the education children at the School

Why would I be interested in getting involved?

There should be one or more Parent Council member representing each class within the school, including nursery.

Any parents / carers of a child at the School can volunteer to be a member of the Parent Council. Members may be nominated, or volunteer themselves, at the first Parent Council meeting of the school year. They shall be elected for a one year term, after which they may put themselves forward for re-selection if they wish.


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