Linlithgow And Linlithgow Bridge Community Council

Linlithgow And Linlithgow Bridge Community Council

The Linlithgow And Linlithgow Bridge Community Council is the statutory body whose purposes are established under the Model Scheme are set out in Section 51 (2) of the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973, as follows: -

‘’In addition to any other purpose which a community council may pursue, the general purpose of a community
council shall be to ascertain, co-ordinate and express to the local authorities for its area, and to public authorities. The views of the community which it represents, in relation to matters for which those authorities are responsible. And to take such action in the interests of that community as appears to it to be expedient and practicable’’

Where and when do you meet?   
The Community Council meets on the last Tuesday of each month and we meet in the Burgh Halls. Meetings are open to the public who may follow the proceedings of the Linlithgow And Linlithgow Bridge Community Council and may ask questions of the Councillors as appropriate. Meetings agendas are published on the Community Council's website

Major issues that regularly addressed are Planning Applications and the Planning Future of the Town.
Of current interested is the proposed redevelopment of the Vennel at our heart.

Why would I be interested in getting involved?  
We need stewarding help at the Remembrance Sunday event and the Advent Fayre. As well as support at other events during the year. The CC is currently at full strength so there are no spaces for new members, other than for youth members. We are constituting a “Friends of the L1 Bus” subcommittee including people from other organisations and the community so there is an opportunity to get involved in that.

All citizens of Linlithgow and Linlithgow Bridge who have a question as to the running of the Town and to West Lothian Council are welcome to get involved. Click here for more information

Contact Information

07766 992740

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