1st Step Cafe

First Step Cafe

We are a community organisation and social enterprise. We help people affected by addiction to recover and reach their potential through new wider social connections, opportunities to learn and to become more active in their communities.

The group support recovery through developing new skills and established 1st Step Bikes, which is an affiliate group of Cycling UK, to use cycling to build wider interests and friendships. Having built a strong team of volunteers, it works with people from across West Lothian and Falkirk.  We also run a Community Café. 

When and where do you meet?

The cafe meets at the Longcroft Hall on Tuesdays between 12 noon and 2:00 pm.

Why would I be interested in getting involved?

Our informal setting will offer those keen to seek treatment for addiction an opportunity to meet with specialists, learn more about the treatment options available as well as talk to others who have battled addiction and are now in recovery.

We have a strong group of volunteer support but are always on the lookout for new volunteers too.


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