The Black Bitch

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Black Bitch Beer Garden
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The Black Bitch Tavern is the oldest pub in Linlithgow and the pub’s name derives from a tale of a black greyhound, whose master was imprisoned on an island in the middle of Linlithgow Loch and sentenced to starve to death. Every day the greyhound swam out to her master with food and ended up saving his life. The locals took the symbol of the dog’s bravery and loyalty as their own and so people from Linlithgow are proud to be known as ‘Black Bitches’.

If you’re looking for a friendly local pub in Linlithgow, then drop into the Black Bitch Tavern, where you will be welcomed by Jimmy and Kathy and their staff. You can unwind in the quiet atmosphere of the lounge bar, or enjoy a pint in the lively public bar while watching live football coverage.

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01506 842147

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