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Narrowboat Farm is an environmentally-friendly market garden on the banks of the Union Canal, 2 miles East of Linlithgow. This is what we are about:

Naturally Grown Goodness – We believe in sustainable farming and we practice what we preach. Anything ending in ‘-cide’ can do one! So you know only mother nature’s finest ingredients go into our food.

200-Year-Old Fast Food – Back in the 1820’s local farmers took advantage of the new canals to transport their produce to market at a whopping 4mph! 200 years later we are bringing that tradition back alive with our canalside farm.

A Small Farm With Big Ideas – Did you know the average age of a farmer in Scotland is about 60 years old? As ‘young’ farmers we’ve joined a growing movement of innovative new-starts with our micro-farm, helping to ensure the future is bright for food production in Scotland.

One Foot in the Past & One In The Future – We farm the way it was done before industrialisation when farms lost their habitats, hedgerows, birds, trees and bees. It is our way of fostering a healthy environment for future generations.

Slow Down and Enjoy The Good Life – We’re a test site for an exciting new social enterprise creating awesome venues along the canals. For everyone who rushes around or runs out of energy before the weekend has even begun, canals help remind people that you don’t always need to be busy.

As you may have gathered by the name of our farm, boats are rather central to it all! Farm owner Iain Withers lives on a narrowboat on the canal and many of the people involved in the project do too.


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