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I’m Lorna Green and I show people how to live first and worry less in a world that doesn’t make it easy. Slow is strong, busy isn’t cool and age is just a number. Want to know how we can work together? Get in touch, today!

I teach bodywork, massage, NLP, energy healing and a range of different approaches to yoga practice are just some of the tools I like to play with.  I have no particular style or label because each time I teach it evolves to suit the needs of the person or group I'm with.

I've always had an interest in anatomy and how the body works. Yin Yoga training with Victor Chng introduced me to the teachings of Paul Grilley and the myofascial meridian works of Tom Myers.

I’ve been a spa therapist for a million years and clean, green, effective skincare is a passion.  As a forty something lady with needs this one is close to my heart.  Teaching whole-food skincare alongside face yoga to a growing tribe of fabulous forty plus women is a deliciously satisfying part of my work.

You can work with me in person or online, you choose. Stop saying maybe, start saying YES! Get in touch to discuss a tailored package that works with your life, wherever you are!

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