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Graeme (me) has been working, stumbling, and climbing in the photography industry for over 10 years. He spent his early years in Scotland eating haggis, oats, and shortbread to grow big and strong. He got a qualification on a bit of really nice card stock. Met a beautiful girl. Got on a plane to New York City. Ate lots of pizza, changed some nappies, and worked with lots of experienced and exceptionally talented people across the photo industry. Ten years later he and Mrs Wilson decided to buy a bunch of woolly jumpers and return to Scotland, where they still live to this very day.

I started to shoot weddings possibly due to a lack of invitations from “friends” but more so because I really enjoy meeting couples, getting to know them and creating images that tell the story of their wedding day in a modern and artistic way.

What’s your approach when photographing weddings? 

My approach and overall goal when photographing your wedding day is simple. It’s all about telling the story of your day and I do this by documenting things in a relaxed, unobtrusive, and candid way. I like to think of myself as someone that blends into the background, but is always there if you need me.

I like to get all the big moments, the details, but most of all I love capturing all the little things you would never have thought of or seen had I not been there.

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