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Purveyors of fresh wild game & high quality Scottish venison.  The venison supplied by Castle Game comes from wild deer, sourced from local, sustainable sources with Roe, Red, Sika and Fallow deer on the menu according to the season. The deer are processed on site where we can offer a full range of cuts - including haunches, mince, burgers and delicious handmade sausages. All of our venison is tagged for full traceability.  We work closely with various estates across Scotland to ensure the highest quality Scottish Wild Game, ranging from Woodpigeon, Rabbit, Hare and Wild Boar.

We are committed to encouraging people to eat more game and explore new ways to enjoy it.  All our game birds are sourced locally and our close personal links with gamekeepers across central Scotland ensure that we get the best quality, in season birds for you to enjoy. 

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