Albagaia & Hydrosense

Albagaia & Hydrosense

Hydrosense is a pioneer in the rapid testing industry. By applying environmental technology to an industrial setting, our specialists have developed a new on-site testing method for detecting deadly Legionella bacteria in water and biofilm.

Hydrosense is the world’s only rapid testing kit for Legionella bacteria.  It can be fully conducted on-site and requires no training or experience to carry out.

lbagaia Advanced Oxidation specialises in the environmentally sound destruction of micro-organisms and harmful organic compounds. Albagaia holds patents for processes based on innovative photocatalytic technology. It uses chemical-free, natural processes to destroy the reproductive capacity of bacteria and viruses and reduce harmful organic compounds to their harmless constituent parts. Albagaia also has experience in the use of Ozonation and other advanced oxidation technologies for similar purposes.

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