Green Battle Linlithgow


Green Battle Linlithgow's is a campaign that aims to protect and enhance Kettil’stoun Woodland and Avon Lagoon informal greenspace for the future. It is designated a 'Local Biodiversity Site' with a wonderful variety of habitats: new native woodland to ancient woodland, scrub and marsh grasslands, a small lochan and a fast flowing river. All of which support many mammals, birds, amphibians, plants and insects. In 1526 it was the site of the nationally important 'Battle of Linlithgow Bridge'. This large beautiful natural open space is a popular spot with Linlithgow and West Lothian residents to engage in free outdoor recreation and play that improve phyiscal and mental health.

We don't have a meeting schedule. We do a lot by meeting informally with those that want to get involved and we an active facebook page: Green Battle Linlithgow


If you are interested in either history, nature, or community health and well being then do get in touch. Campaigns such as this need a wide variety of skills to help spread the load. We have writers, project managers, artists, researchers and many more involved, they each bring their unique skills and energy to the campaign. We would welcome exploring what you would like to bring and how.

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