About Us

The MyLinlithgow website would not have been possible without the support of Linlithgow Community Development Trust, Linlithgow & Linlithgow Bridge Community Council, Linlithgow Business Improvement District and Pride & Passion Linlithgow.

We want this website to be a one stop portal for all things Linlithgow. It will be maintained as a joint collaboration between the groups. Please get in touch to hello@mylinlithgow.com with your ideas and suggestions on how continually improve our website.

Linlithgow Community Development Trust

Linlithgow Community Development Trust

We are a community organisation formed by residents of Linlithgow and Linlithgow Bridge to deliver change to benefit the community. Our aim is ‘To make Linlithgow a better place to live and work, through a community led plan of action which provides services, amenities and/or financial support to local initiatives.’

We believe that active communities who think ahead and strive to take action now, will be the most successful in making impact and adapting in a changing world. As a community we are well placed to meet these challenges through our environment, our people and our commitment to sustain Linlithgow as a great place to live and work. To achieve our aim, we need to look at how we can become more self-sufficient, imaginative and enterprising to ensure we have greater control over our facilities and services. We believe in taking greater responsibility for making Linlithgow the sort of place we all want to live in. We aim to:

  • Build a Community that takes pride in and manages its local assets on behalf of the local community
  • Capture and build community passion, enthusiasm, ideas and skills
  • Ensure our work is financially and environmentally sustainable
  • Work closely with local people and in partnership with local groups to complement and not to duplicate efforts already underway.

Linlithgow & Linlithgow Bridge Community Council

Linlithgow & Linlithgow Bridge Community Council is an elected body with the responsibility for ascertaining, communicating and coordinating the views of the community and taking action to promote the interests of the community. It is a statutory consultee for town planning matters. It aims to work with and support other groups in Linlithgow to address a wide range of issues, including:

Logo image for Linlithgow and Linlithgow Bridge Community Council
  • Health services and health centre provision
  • Transport, including high street traffic, bus services and rail services.
  • Employment and business, including retail and the industrial estates.
  • Tourism, including attractions, events and accommodation.
  • Housing and social housing.
  • Social and care provision.
  • Recreation, sport and community centres.
  • Youth facilities and groups.
  • Events, such as the Marches, Advent Fair and Remembrance Day parade.
  • Policing and crime reduction.
  • Development and planning, with a statutory right to comment on planning applications

One Linlithgow Business Improvement District

Linlithgow Town Centre Bid Logo

Linlithgow has a world-class town centre, with a huge and diverse range of independent businesses, a fascinating history, walking trails, a vibrant artistic and cultural calendar and a liberal dash of natural beauty. Linlithgow Town Centre Business Improvement District began in September 2014 and existed to make the most of that truly wonderful asset. It has delivered a wide variety of projects to boost trade in the area, as well as raising the town’s profile around the world. The Linlithgow Mill Road Industrial Estate is also home to great companies serving both local and international customers and has its own BID.

Recently Linlithgow’s business community has created a Steering Group, now formally constituted and work is underway to develop proposals for a ‘One Linlithgow’ Bid.

The One Linlithgow Bid will ensure strong collaboration with existing groups in the town and will ensure implementation of a coherent vision for the town. Tourism for example is a growing revenue generator (especially film tourism) and we want to capitalise on this as a united cohesive force.

Pride & Passion Linlithgow

Pride and Passion Logo

We are a voluntary association whose overall aim is to develop a tourism culture in Linlithgow, inspiring and engaging the community in making more of tourism, to the social and and economic benefit of those living and working in the town.