Passionate about Linlithgow and want to become a Trustee?

Linlithgow Community Development Trust

Linlithgow Community Development Trust are a charity and community organisation formed by residents of Linlithgow and Linlithgow Bridge to deliver change to benefit the community.  Our aim is ‘To make Linlithgow a better place to live and work, through a community led plan of action which provides services, amenities and/or financial support to local initiatives.’    Our Board of Directors is made up of between seven and fifteen volunteer Trustees.

Trusteeship is one of the most important roles in the voluntary sector. Trustees give direction to a charity and are ultimately responsible for its activities. There are lots of small charities working for diverse causes who could really benefit from the time and skills you could offer them as a trustee.    Benefits to you of becoming a trustee of a charity

  • Put your skills and experience to use and make a lasting difference to a cause you care about
  • Learn about the management and strategy side of charities by taking on a leadership role
  • Work with new and interesting people from diverse backgrounds and learn from each other
  • The experience will enhance your CV and may open doors to promotions or a new career path

Directors can either be members, or co-opted to the organisation. Directors can be co-opted at any time of year, but are officially elected as Member-Directors at the Annual General Meeting.   There are currently four vacancies on the LCDT Board. If you are interested in finding out what being a director involves, please contact us for more information.



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