The Real Science of Exercise, Rest and Health | Daniel Lieberman

202006sep6:30 pm7:30 pmThe Real Science of Exercise, Rest and Health | Daniel Lieberman

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How To Academy presents…The Real Science of Exercise, Rest and Health with Daniel Lieberman

“Endlessly fascinating and full of surprises” (Bill Bryson), Harvard professor Daniel Lieberman joins us to debunk fitness industry myths and explore the real science of health.

The contemporary western approach to exercise has become increasingly commercialised, industrialised and medicalised, with a constant stream of advice fed to us from the fitness industry. However, the mix of information is often marred by misconceptions, exaggerations and occasional mistruths, as well as being confusing – and even off-putting – for anyone looking to get fit or lose weight.

Daniel Lieberman is a leading figure in the field of human evolution and Professor of Biological Sciences at Harvard University. Renowned for his research on the evolution of running, which he also enjoys himself – sometimes barefoot, earning him the nickname the ‘Barefoot Professor’ – he joins How To Academy to explore over a decade of high-level scientific research and eye-opening insights, debunking ten persistent myths about fitness and health.

In this livestreamed talk, Professor Lieberman will provide the real science behind our modern attitude to exercise and ask, did we actually evolve to exercise? Does running ruin our knees? Is there a link between exercise and immunity? Should older people cut back on activity? Is sitting at a desk bad for us? Do we really need 8 hours of sleep?

Don’t miss this ground-breaking, essential and compelling account of the science of exercising well and enjoy physical and mental health.

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September 6, 2020 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm(GMT+00:00)


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