Bespoke Brows Microblading & Micropigmentation Linlithgow

Bespoke Brows

We are situated within Natural Therapies in the heart of Linlithgow, otherwise known as 'The Cross'. We specialise in providing women and men of all ages with natural looking semi permanent eyebrow treatments.

Do you suffer from sparse or thinned eyebrows? Do you have fair or insvisible hairs, discontinued, scarred or patchy eyebrows, alopecia, asymmetric, uneven eyebrows dropping eybrows, short eyebrows with missing tails? Or just simply want a change of shape and more of a make up powdered look? Whatever your reason, we can provide you with the eyebrows you have always wanted!

We also offer non laser tattoo removal.  We aim to safely remove any old previous pmu work done that is stopping you from having the eybrows that you desire. Sometimes all it takes is 1 removal session to make way for a brand new set to be reapplied!

Firstly we would get you into the clinic for an in depth consultation.  There we can talk about your expectations, assess your brows, fill in the consultation forms, explain the procedure and aftercare, discuss pigment choice and do a patch test. This will take around 30 minutes of which will leave you feeling well informed.

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