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Badger Belle was born in 2015 in the Lowlands of Scotland with the aim of providing handmade fabric bunting made to order for each recipient. Each string of bunting is customised in all areas of design its own hand-stitched message becomes a truly bespoke piece. With a strong sense of tradition and family, we aim to create items that are attractive, unique and reusable and that will be part of a family’s home for many years to come.

Like so many others, at Badger Belle, we are aware of the amount of waste generated by day to day life. Our lifestyles generate a seemingly endless line of plastic boxes, packets and other unrecyclables. In an ideal world, we’d move away from the disposable, and towards the reusable. Our bunting can be used for as long as it’s needed, then packed away until next time. Our personalised baby bunting will not only mark an important new arrival, but it can also act as an attractive accessory in a child’s room and a crucial marker of territory on a teenager’s door. Our Happy Birthday banners can be brought out month after month for all of the family each year. Similarly, the annual appearance of our Christmas Bunting will mark the start of the festive season in your house.

There are many alternatives to fabric bunting and we know the choice is varied and often cheaper. By purchasing a piece that is reusable and handmade with love, you are investing in the future. Not only of a future less occupied by waste but also in the future traditions of your family. We promise to always keep the planet in mind. From creating reusable products to choosing recycled or reusable packaging. We want to add nothing but beauty to our precious Earth.

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